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Team Members

The members of MARS. Click each image to view their full bio.

Kevin Guarnieri

Kevin Guarnieri is the Director of the Millitrax recording studio.
He holds a B.A. in Business Management from Radford University in Radford, VA and an A.S. in Recording Arts and Sciences from Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.

Mr. Guarnieri started his professional career at Westlake Audio in Los Angeles in 1999. After working as an assistant engineer, he became a freelance recording engineer and digital editor in 2001. Kevin engineered many albums from 2000 to 2010 working with a diverse group of recording artists including: Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston, Mick Jagger, Boyz II Men, Alanis Morissette and Carole King among many others.

As of summer 2018 Kevin maintained his certification in Avid Pro Tools at the expert level in Pro Tools version 12.8. He has been a Pro Tools Certified Expert for almost ten years. In addition he is a voting member the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and participates in the Grammy awards voting process annually.

Kevin Guarnieri500
Andie Hidalgo500

Andie Fonseca Hidalgo

 Andie Fonseca Hidalgo grew up in Heredia, Costa Rica. Aged 18, in 2015 she moved to the US to attend college. She was drawn to the audio engineering and production department and has since been involved in multiple projects as a producer, engineer and singer. She’s currently a senior commercial music major at Millikin University and continues to improve her skills and craft by stepping out of her comfort zone and exploring new techniques and styles.

Brittany “Britt” Archibald

Brittany Archibald from Peoria, IL is a junior Commercial Music Major with a Vocal emphasis. She first got into music as a young child in her church choir, slowly working her interest into the pop music scene with artists like Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. Her all time favorite album that introduced her to the production side of music is SZA’s ‘Ctrl’ album. The variety of songs and musicality on the album peaked her curiosity into engineering and studio work. She is beyond excited to be in MARs to experience first hand live recording, mixing, and editing. She cannot wait to be able to gain new skills and work with those who love music as much as she does.

Brittany Archibald500
Adam Marion500

Adam “Lemon” Marion

My name is Adam Marion, and I am a junior music business major. I grew up and currently live in Springfield, IL. I have been involved with music for pretty much all of my life, starting with singing in church choir at a young age. I also have played piano for around 10 years. I have a lot of passion for the recording arts, and I am a certified Millikin University recording engineer. I look forward to furthering my skills and offering professional service to anybody looking to have MARs work for them.

Tara “Nooch” Nuccio

By the time I was seven years old, music was already such an important thing in my life, but I never figured it would be something that I would do as a career. I have been singing and performing for most of my life, of course with the passing thought of doing it on the side, until I stepped foot into my first recording studio. From that point on, I learned that I could spend my life doing the one thing I considered only a passion before– music. I came to Millikin University with little knowledge about the ins and outs of recording, but through great classes, hands-on experiences, and joining Big Blue Productions (a student based multimedia company,) I quickly became attuned to the world of sound. I also work with another multimedia company out of Chicago during the summers. Besides recording, I have spent my whole life with music, as my dad teaches and has developed many courses involving music at the collegiate level, including music technology. I still perform every once in a while, but music technology is where my heart belongs.

Tara Nuccio50
Andrew Moody500

Andrew “Mig Bood” Moody

Andrew Moody is a senior Commercial Music major at Millikin University. He is from Cornland, Illinois and hopes to make a living through mixing and mastering records. He serves as a student worker for many crews at Millikin which gives him many opportunities to improve his mixing, production, and engineering abilities. Whenever he’s not using Pro Tools, you can find him hanging out with friends around campus.

Brad “Cool Brad” Miller

I grew up on a farm in Arthur, IL, where I tried to be as involved as possible in school activities. I was a part of the choir and band singing and playing percussion. I was also a part of the community Partners In Praise Band and my church’s praise band. Millikin provided me a place to use my passion for music to witness other talents and use mine to make music. I joined the MARS group because I’m able to use the technical skills I’ve gained and listen to various talented artists and musicians perform.

Caroline Lodovisi500

Caroline “Carol on the Weekends” Lodovisi

Caroline is a senior commercial music major from Crown Point, Indiana.  She is a returning veteran of MARS with audio interests mainly in engineering and mixing.  Starting on the educational route, she realized that her true passion lies in the music industry and the technical side of recording.  Full, natural sounding arrangements spark her interest the most, and that sound played a large role her decision to take on commercial recording after not having prior experience.  Artists like the Avett Brothers and the Eagles inspire her to keep true to her sound and develop her layering skills. Caroline is also a Studio Manager for Millitrax as well as a Dean’s List student and former student athlete.

Justyn “ronan” Stanford

Justyn Stanford is an Audio Engineer, Producer, and Songwriter from Chicago, IL. He attended the Chicago High School for the Arts where he studied vocal performance and technique. During high school, Justyn began to write songs and found his love for commercial music. He currently is a senior at Millikin University pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music. and works hard to develop his production and engineering abilities. He believes in mastering songcraft from the original idea to create the best possible product. Through his work at this goal, he has become a Studio Manager and Audio Engineer at Millitrax Studios, and a member of the Millikin Audio Recording Services. Justyn plans to continue developing his abilities by practicing audio engineering as production, and by learning as much as he can through applying his skills as a professional outside of the classroom.

Justyn Stanford500
Angel Faith500

Angel Faith

Angel Faith is a 22 year old Senior Arts Tech Major, with a concentration in Audio Engineering. She has an Associates in Music from Lincoln College. She started at Millikin University in 2016. Angel is a vocalist and she plays Saxophone, Piano, Vibraphone, and some percussion. She is in M.A.R.S. as a student Venture. Before working with M.A.R.S. She gained experience through Big Blue Sound. A live sound organization ran on Millikin’s campus. She has one Student Venture let and hopes she gets to take M.A.R.S. again next semester.

Austin Oberg

Austin Oberg is from Jacksonville, IL. His introduction to music as a craft was his learning to play the piano from his grandmother when he was 5 years old. At Millikin University, he’s worked at Big Blue Productions as a live sound technician and also in the Information Technology department asking customers if they have “turned it off and back on again.” He hopes to broaden his horizons with audio engineering and become a recording engineer once he graduates.


Tristan Gammell

Tristan Gammell from Niles,Il is a Junior Theatrical Design and Production Major with an Emphasis in Lighting and Sound Design. Tristan has be involved with music since he was very young. Tristan loves loves music with a passion which led him to playing a variety of different instruments. Millikin allowed Tristan to do it all. Tristan has played in the band before, he has light design and sound designed theatre main stage shows, been an Master Electrician  and Sound Engineer for main stage. Shows as well as Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre (a student run theatre on campus), Manager as well as Sound Engineer, Projection Technician Lighting Technician/Designer for Big Blue Productions ( a student run event company on campus), Sound Engineer for various vocal ensembles on campus, and Vice Chair of a USITT Millikin Student Chapter. Tristan is excited to be a part of M.A.R.S. and and cant wait to gain new skills in recording audio and video editing.

Hunter Sphar

Hunter Sphar is a junior Commercial Music major at Millikin University. He spends most of his time engineering and mixing projects as a Millitrax Studio Manager. He is involved in various recording crews on campus, as well as playing electric bass in his band Chocolate in Your Pocket and the jazz band on campus.

Hunter Sphar500

Chris Principe

Chris is a Junior Commercial Music Major at Millikin. He grew up in Plainfield, IL and originally came to Millikin for an education degree. Before long he learned of a passion he didn’t know he had in audio engineering, and is now in his second semester in the commercial program. Finding himself on two crews for recording and now MARS in the same semester, he is eager to prove himself in a cast full of pros.

Griffin Etchinson

Chris is a Junior Commercial Music Major at Millikin. He grew up in Plainfield, IL and originally came to Millikin for an education degree. Before long he learned of a passion he didn’t know he had in audio engineering, and is now in his second semester in the commercial program. Finding himself on two crews for recording and now MARS in the same semester, he is eager to prove himself in a cast full of pros.